JazzTimes Review of Classified

"The wordplay in the title of the Brubeck Brothers’ third release has no particular resonance until track eight, when the three-movement “Vignettes for Nonet” comes along. Composed by bassist Chris Brubeck, the suite is a luxuriant and sprightly commingling of the core quartet’s postbop sensibilities and the springy classical colorations of the five-piece Imani Winds. Until then, Classified is a superbly played, if not always innovative affair, heavy on ballads and blues, that picks up where the group’s 2006 Intuition left off. Chuck Lamb is the new pianist, replacing previous members Pete Levin and Taylor Eigsti, and his elegance is showcased amply, as in the swinging “Eclipse,” wherein Lamb and the song’s composer, mainstay BBQ guitarist Mike DeMicco, peel out nimble solo runs that keep Chris and drummer brother Dan always ready for action. In “Dance of the Shadows,” authored by the brothers, Chris Brubeck grabs an opportunity to put his bass trombone to good use—the quasi-bossa reinforces these players’ ingenuity and eagerness to surprise. The two Brubecks, sons of one of jazz’s uncontested legends, have always held their own, and their lockstep rhythmic formations are never less than admirable here, and often quite exciting. But there’s no denying the work comes truly alive with the suite. The integration of reeds and jazz quartet is picture perfect, cinematic in scope and often breathtakingly beautiful. In particular, the third movement, subtitled “Tales of the Bazaar,” coaxes complexities out of Lamb and DeMicco that are only hinted at in the previous tracks. Almost as an afterthought, the trio of interrelated tracks gives way to an album-closing cover of dad Dave’s “Blue Rondo a la Turk,” one the two brothers have probably been playing since they first picked up instruments. It’s a dynamic, often clever take, but almost superfluous in the wake of the successful classical experiment. -Jeff Tamarkin, JAZZ TIMES Magazine, October, 2008

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"The music is uniformly excellent in its composition, execution, and recording quality. Once again the BBQ attains that rarefield level where music is both relaxed and expressive, and their joy in its creation is contagious. There's nothing out there that comes close to their unique blend of inventiveness." 

ALL ABOUT JAZZ, Dr. Judith Schlesinger

"You already recognize the last name, but I would much prefer to play this track for you on a blindfold test. The first thing you would notice is the stelar rhythm section -- clean, crisp swing with great interaction between the players, and a very smart use of space. Sometimes guitar and piano clash in a small combo, but not with DeMicco and Lamb, who show how these two instruments are supposed to work together. And the same can be said for the Brubeck brothers. Dan Brubeck's drumming is a revelation ... Some serious fraternal camaraderie is going down here. This track deserves a double dose of airplay." 

– Ted Gioia, (reviewing "Good Question" on Classified)

Brubeck Brothers Quartet At The Douglas Beach House, Half Moon Bay, California (All About Jazz)

Sunday, October 25, became a memorable day at the Douglas Beach House (aka Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society) when the Brubeck Brothers Quartet Quartet arrived on stage with Chris Brubeck on electric bass and trombone, Dan Brubeck on drums, Mike DeMicco on guitar and Chuck Lamb on piano. As the audience gathered, some wondered whether their father Dave Brubeck might make an appearance. Chris Brubeck humorously nipped that hope in the bud from the very beginning of the concert, making it appear as though this expectation is common whenever the Brubeck brothers gather. [Read More]

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