The Brubeck Brothers Quartet can offer several clinics while in a residency situation:

a) Mike DeMicco is a fantastic guitar teacher and music theorist, who could work with guitar students. 

b) Chuck Lamb, who has a vast range of playing experience working with artists as diverse as Woody Herman and Bela Fleck, can work with jazz piano students.

c) Dan and Chris Brubeck can run bass and drum "rhythm" section clinics together, emphasizing playing in odd time signatures. They grew up hearing the musicians who pioneered playing in 9/8, 5/4, 7/4, etc.

d) Chris can do a separate clinic with trombonists (perhaps students could be working on some of his published trombone works which they could play in a master class setting with Chris as the composer and player and could offer constructive criticism and commentary.) 

e) Chris Brubeck can work with student composers and offer a masterclass session where he listens to some of their scores and perhaps gives constructive criticism. This would include Chris discussing the evolution of his Boston Pops commission Interplay for 3 Violins and Orchestra (featuring Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg, Eileen Ivers and Regina Carter), including showing a dvd of the finished television broadcast which won him the ASCAP Deems Taylor award. He can also discuss his approach to working with poetry and his commission for Frederica von Stade, River of Song.

Special Programs